Composed by J Williams

The Exciting New Chapter
Connecting The 1 in 2
Around The World
Without Time

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Digital Master

Star LOGIK magically turns the (*) on every cellular phone into a DIGITAL MASTER UNLOCKING KEY for instant ANONYMOUS access to INTERNET services.


Micropay Magik

Star PAY magically switches AIRTIME from billions of CELL wallets to the CLOUD delivering Micro Pay Per View CONTENT @ marginal cost and EPIC scale.


Global Award

Mobile World Congress 2022 ZRO by Starlogik wins The Emerging Markets Premier Prize by gifting billions of free minutes to millions without airtime.


Beyond Binary

Star Logik takes CELLULAR from one to ZERO (prepaid to FREE speech) delivering social and financial inclusion.


Free Speech

ZRO Pivots the Trillion Dollar Airtime Industry from PREPAID to FREE and PROFITABLE on a pinhead permitting users to CONNECT without credit.


Planetary R&D

Star LABS creates backward from user need advancing the industry on making the smallest change possible.


Steve Jobs

INCREDIBLY STAR shares identical roots to APPLE with our $100 BLU BOX in the Cloud! Listen to Steve on remotely controlling GIANTS and the genesis of APPLE.


Small is Beautiful

Planetary scale switching on a SINGL NODE in the cloud operating @30Khz (30,000/sec) supporting over 1billion transactions per day.


Simple is Powerful

Simplicity can mask incredible complexity and needs protecting most. Star invests deeply and broadly in PATENTS to secure Global LEADERSHIP.


Practically Invisible

STAR technology is practically INVISIBL (zero footprint) hooks directly into the mass dial stream and is instantly available to all phones without change.


Switches ON

Star COMS takes Star LABS creations to Market literally at the Flick of a Switch remotely enabling OPERATORS in mere minutes.


Contact Us

We create exquisitely SIMPL & VIRTUAL RING technology.



Connect People

3/4/5G faster DATA horses connecting COMPUTERS while billions of PEOPLE without VOICE are still disconnected.


The Next Billion

FREE ZRO Balance Prepaid SIM leaps the PENNY GAP to onboard the BILLION at the base of the pyramid who cannot afford to feed a phone.


Vertical Launch

Star COMS launched ZRO onboarding 1m users in 1HR and 10m in just 2DAYS setting the fastest 2market record in all tech history (so fast dropped VOWLS).


Lightest Touch

Star remotely enables OPERATORS on a SINGL IN COMMAND that hooks the cell core into the cloud for seamlessly switched next gen services.


Quantum Leaps

Just as ONE degree separated water from steam the SMALLEST change can SHIFT the STATUS QUO and power an industrial REVOLUTION.


Mass Untapped

Star addresses MASS UNKNOWN and UNMET NEEDS reshaping the industry at the core from the Cloud.


Love Star

Star delights USERS with sophisticated SIMPLICITY and universal signaling services that transcend language and culture.


Ring Commerce

Pioneering advances to switching and signaling conducts peer to peer transactions on a RING with a category and industry defining 1SEC flash COMMS Protocol.